“Have you ever loved a guy so much… he feels so right but you know deep down, maybe, he is so wrong for you?” Lota asked her housemate and business partner while still staring at her phone. Kachi paused her favorite series and looked at her friend whose eyes were fixed on her phone screen “Am I to respond abi you want to say something?” Kachi asked.

Lota looked up, sighed and placed her phone in between her legs. “It’s been a year, two months and 23 days of our break up and sometimes I ask myself…” she paused and exhaled heavily “whether I was too rash with him, whether I was hysterical about everything I said. You know how my mind works right, someone could be shouting and I’d be thinking there’s a robbery going on or she’s getting rape if it’s a lady whereas they could be playing or…”

“I know you over think things, just continue before you put too much or and comma” Kachi said

Lota smiled at how engrossed her friend was in what she was saying, “Ok, I was thinking that maybe, just maybe I over reacted and over thought everything between Deji & I. Perhaps if we had the conversation we didn’t have before I ended everything, things could have turned out differently”

“Wait wait, what?!” Kachi was surprised and confused at the same time. She could not believe that Lota was fantasizing about getting back with her Ex.

“I know, it’s crazy right? You’ve always said I burned bridges too fast, which of course I don’t entirely agree with, but perhaps… You may be right just this once and I only seem to be realizing my mistake now”

Kachi started to wonder whether she may have misled her friend or whether Lota was trying to use her advice as an excuse to get back with Deji. “Nne, chelu go di wait, where is all this coming from before m’ ye gi ife di go di’m n’uche I give a piece of my mind”.

Lota inhaled and exhaled again while Kachi acted like a drama queen she always was “Wait let me get us Ice cream first. What am I heeeaaring?!” Kachi said as she ran to the Kitchen. Lota yelled as she watched her friend breeze out of the sitting room “e bido go kwa amebo, you’ve started again gossiper, I think we should forget everything I said”

“Forget gini what? I’m coming jorr” Kachi yelled back from the Kitchen and few minutes later, she resurfaces with a plate of Bar one ice cream, placed it on the center table and began to served it in glass cups “continue am listening” she said as she gave Lota a glass.

“I don’t know… Maybe I am just crazy. You know, it’s strange that while I was thinking about him few days ago, early last week, he sends a what’s app text… like on Thursday… last Thursday not today. We kinda chatted a bit and somehow I felt like I might have been the one in the wrong you know. I may have concluded things too fast.”

Kachi began to worry for her friend. She hated to imagine that her friend may be falling for a manipulative man’s antics “Ok, just one example of what you think you got wrong. Make it easier for me Lota”. She watched as her friend fumbled with her words “Just be plain Lota, make me understand biko please“.

“Well, what if he was actually busy which was why he didn’t return my texts then? He said he was working under pressure and had so much deadlines to attend to. Mind you, I knew he was still trying to get a hold of his career and life in general then” Lota responded, this time more confidently as though a mask of shame had fallen off from her

“So, he comes online and don’t respond to your text for hours or days, decides to answer whenever he likes, without apology or explanation, no calls but you feel bad because he said he was busy?” Kachi said and quickly flinched as she attempted to cover her mouth from a dripping spittle “excuse me, let me get tissue”. Kachi left the sitting room and returned a few minutes later.

Lota who looked more overwhelmed with her thoughts said “I don’t know what to think anymore Kachi”

“Ok let me help you further oo, this is the same guy you called and he seemed to be moaning while answering your call right?” Kachi said, having no remorse for her friends dilemma

“I know…! But what if I exaggerated that too?”

“Exaggerated what… that you don’t know how your boyfriend moans or how a moan sounds like?” Kachi began to smile out of anger and shook her head in disbelief at how fast her friend had forgotten the pain she had gone through because of her Ex; her sleepless nights, starvation, job loss and thoughts of suicide.

“Yes, no, I mean, like, remember it was a bumpy period for us then and I kinda questioned every damn thing he did…” Lota began to feel like she was sounding stupid to her friend

“He was meeting a client right? I still remember our conversation in case you’ve forgotten, let me help you out” Kachi said while forcing the conversation she felt would be hurtful to Lota’s memory

“You don’t have to go there or remind me Kachi, I remember very well what happened… I was the one in the relationship so you don’t have to drag me like this”

“I don’t think you remember Lota… truly I don’t think you do. Yes you have an active imagination, no doubt, a fact we all know, but you’re very instinctive too and that has saved me a lot you know… even if I barely tell you. You imagining that someone was giving him a blow job while he answered your call may not be exactly what happened but I don’t doubt for a second that he is capable of it from all you have told me about him. For God sake you told me that this guy took a lady’s number on a date, in front of you” Kachi nodded her head in disgust, recounting all her friend had told her in bid to get her to drop the idea of reconnecting with a man that shamelessly trampled on her worth.

“It’s enough Kachi, it is enough…” Lota was moved to tears but did well to hold it in, however, her constant sniffing betrayed her show of emotional strength

“I kinda seem more pissed off for you than you actually are… Reading your text then about this dude made me mad and he better be glad we never met. It was the emotional trauma that brought you here in the first place, please don’t forget that” Kachi stood to her feet and began to slowly pace around the sitting room while she slowly recounted Lota’s words months ago “I want to clear my head Kachi, I want a fresh start conversation we had just because of what he put you through?” She said though she as rehearsing a forgotten poem to little child preparing for a big day

Lota felt more stupid for agreeing to any fault as she remembered her conversation with Deji and punched the pillow next to her. Both ladies remained silent for few minutes and then Lota said “I don’t know whether to be glad or sad you did not meet Deji. You have been a bit harsh and your words are beginning to sting”

“I am sorry my words sting you Lots. What do I know after all? None of my business anyways, it was your relationship after all. It’s not like I’ve had successful relationships either… If you want to get on with him, have that conversation you didn’t have…” Kachi mimicked adding a quotation mark “go on. It’s up to you. Nne, it’s your life. But I will say this, you may forget all that a person did to you but how they made you feel should be the lesson you hold on to. Don’t repeat the same mistake”

Lota watched her friend un-paused her series. She was clearly more irritated with a guy she had never met.

“Kachi, calm down na… abeg, make we no spoil our evening” Lota pleaded on her friend as she attempted to diffuse the tension the conversation had brought.

“It’s already spoilt. In fact, I am hungry again. This conversation ate everything in my stomach. Come let’s go make popcorn”, Kachi stood from the couch and hurried to the kitchen and Lota followed her friend with the plate of Ice cream she had left behind.

Kachi began to gist about a young man who had visited their eatery few days ago with a young lady and how he seemed to have disrespected her while she made popcorn. Lota’s phone started to ring and she hurriedly left to pick it. After making the popcorn, savoring it with powdered milk and super, Kachi joined Lota in the sitting room.

“Is everything thing fine? You look… I don’t know how to describe it, just different”

“Yah well, it’s almost as if the devil heard our conversation”



Kachi laughed, nodding her head in disbelieve and teased “and did he say I was a bad friend”

“LOL, he is in Abuja for a business meeting and want us to meet tomorrow or next”

Kachi looked at her friend dumb founded…

To be continued

Thanks for reading thus far

Ms Chi chi ❤

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  1. -Eugenia says:

    You’re a good storyteller! It’s good to connect with you and thank you for following Eugi’s Causerie.

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  2. I love this already! I totally root for Kachi’s character: Lota’s voice of reason. My favourite line is this: “…you may forget all that a person did to you but how they made you feel should be the lesson you hold on to. Don’t repeat the same mistake.” We really need t learn from the urns we received too many times, especially from the same person.

    That devil heard their conversation alright 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

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    1. Misggrace says:

      😂😂😂 the devil definitely heard them. Thanks for reading through and for your comments. Much love


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  3. It’s interesting but bumpy to read. I wish you read again before posting. The typos and make it spacious so there is a clear difference between conversations.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Misggrace says:

      Thank you for your comment. I will make the necessary adjustments immediately. i am glad you enjoyed the story however.

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