Memories ☺

I love the smell of earth when it’s been kissed by fresh rain 🌬

I love to see how cloudy skies make the earth mystical ☁🌚

I love to dance to the song of talking drums and gongs, tap tap, left right… like leaves do when nature is emotional 🌿 🌾
“Onye ga agba egu
Iyaaaa …
ga agbe egu, iyaaa!”

I love the sound of Jazz sax, the serene atmosphere it skillfully knits 🎷🎼🎢🎡

I love tales told at moonlightπŸŒ™,
When story tellers rely on the sound of insects to keep curious ears in tuneπŸœπŸ›

I love the tenderness of bread, freshly baked from the oven🍞

I love mums handbag and the chocomilo in itπŸ‘œπŸ«

I love the wave of Christmas when 5 Naira could give me the biggest balloon on the chart 🎈

I love darkness once in a while, the closeness candle light bringsπŸ•―

I love when children’s voice vibrate through a standing fan, because I did it too

I love the simple things that life offers, these good memories are here to stayπŸŒ›

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imagesTruth be told, being a christian these days is more theoretical than practical. We often assume that a good knowledge of the bible/the word of God translates to a better and more disciplined life style. Unfortunately, that’s not always the case! It is nothing new to see that even Pastors, Priests and ministers are among those that perpetrate the worst atrocities in our society talk-less of Christians who aren’t serving in such capacity.

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IMG_20170911_235255You are the sugar in my tea, You are my Jellof rice ❀

It feels good when the person you love introduces you to their family and friends as a sign of commitment to the relationship. Perhaps “the more people know, the better”. It addresses whatever competition or confusion out there.

Apart from telling people personally about the relationship, social media takes relationship publicity to a whole new level. Even people we know nothing about know a great deal about our relationship status. I wont be surprise if anyone derive a sense of wholeness or validation in their relationship via social media ‘likes’ and ‘comments‘. Continue reading

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“By failing to prepare, your are preparing to fail” Benjamin Franklin

It is atimes frustrating to patiently wait for something you have no idea what time it is set to arrive. For example, a job offer, promotion, sponsorship, marriage and many more. Imagine a graduate that is still hoping to get a job since three years of finishing varsity; imagine an employee still waiting for a promotion since 10 years of employment in a company; imagine an application for a land acquisition or contract that is still pending since two years of applying; imagine a 36 year old lady still waiting for a spouse, the list is unending.Β  Continue reading

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Yay!!! I have been nominated for the Liebster award, all thanks toΒ Designerworldstudio. Please do checkout my buddy’s blog. It is fun and engaging. Much love Designerworldstudio, I appreciate your nominations.Β Β Below are answers to your questions Continue reading

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50 ancient wisdom for singles on marriage is an article subdivided into 3 beautifully written piece by a dear friend and bloggerΒ Comfort . It is amazing how she diligently works on each article she posts and 50 ancient wisdom for singles on marriage does not fall short of her lovely works. It contains ‘Wisdom’ that would keep one aware while they wait for their right spouse. Some of the quotes contained in this article are;Β  Continue reading

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