This is the second day of my three days quotes challenge, A special thank you to Mike Senczyszak for nominating me 🙂

The 3-Day Challenge rule book:

  • Thank the person who nominated you.
  • Post for 3 days (not necessarily in a row)
  • 3 quotes per day
  • 3 new victims Bloggers nominated each day – link to their sites
  • Notify your 3 picks they’ve been tagged

my quotes for today are;

Number 1)

biblical quotes1Yes till today, there are many people that do not believe there is God. And am hoping that they bump into this passage. One danger of believing that there is no God is that one is lawless no matter how self righteous they may claim to be. Whether we choose to believe that there is a living God or not, it does not make Him disappear from existence, or make Him less of who He is. The bible calls such people  fools because they will still have to discover at the end that the very God they denied exist.

Number 2)

God made it clear that the only  biblical quotes2way to him is through His son Jesus; because it was through Him that our redemption was bought. He paid the price. No other person or name can make intercessions to God for the children of God except Jesus Christ. So, if you are praying to saint Luke, Paul, Peter, Mary, beads, in hopes they pray to God for you, Think again. I have seen denominations that idolize the dead and ask them to make intercession for them, O please. Our God is Alive and His son is alive. Also, Every person that worship church and pastors more than they worship God, please Take Note.

Number 3)

Some people ask how can a good God exist and permit so muchbiblical quotes 3evil to happen? Nah, it has never been the will of God that man parish; We forsook God and his principles and walked after our own selfish desires. Here we are reaping the consequences and blaming God. God still loving us and wanting us to be His own sent His Son to redeem us; so that as many that would acknowledge and walk in His ways shall be saved. please don’t blame God when He clearly states that we should not lie and we do, we should not steal and we do, we should not fornicate and live in adultery, yet we have pleasure doing so, we should not be greedy but rather be content, yet we are greedy and many will kill for greed. Man creates so much mess and yet blame God. We don’t to be governed by Him. you want rights, he give us, we fail and blame Him. Its time we take responsibility, and humble ourselves before him and ask for mercy.

My Nominees for today are

  1. Thenewleaf2016
  2. Patrimode
  3. Preciouswordblog

I love their blogs because is insightful. I always pick words of wisdom from their write up. do check their amazing blogs.

Thank you so much for reading through and God bless ❤ ❤

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