I always grumbled, complained, whined and usually told God of how life was unfair towards me.  I would go like ‘God I’m 24 and yet am not financially stable, job hunting and it ain’t working out the way I want and how tired I was of staying with my parents. I would count out to God all the things I could do if I was financially capable. I would get frustrated with God and of Him not honoring His word etc. I was so bitter and negative and this mindset of discontentment made me see nothing good about life. I saw nothing worthwhile in myself and It made me look down on my self a lot.

But all this changed one morning, when I had gone to throw the bin out. For a moment, I thought my heart flew out of my mouth because of what I saw. I initially thought it was a big animal at the corner of the refuse block about to pounce on me maybe. Gosh! I was so scared for a brief moment only to realize it was a young boy, startled by the noise of the bin I had just thrown, who was eating from the bin other people had thrown. I was so touched, I just couldn’t believe it. His hair was dusty, his shirt filled with holes as though it was a rag used by the mechanics, his hands were filthy from digging through bins.
O my God, I was moved to tears. I looked into his eyes, he was so frightened and maybe felt humiliated. He probably noticed how afraid I was too. I was so confused, I didn’t know whether he would understand not to fight me if I drew closer because he equally seemed confused. I ran upstairs to catch my thought for a moment, I entered the kitchen and ran out fast to the bin in hopes I would find him. He probably ran away and I wanted to give him food. I wanted to tell him how bad I felt that things were tough for him. I knelt and apologized to God. I knelt and told God of how grateful I was for all I had, and all He’s still doing.

I was called to remembrance of the cloths I had, the 3 square meal I ate everyday, and if I wanted to make it four, I could. I had shelter, I had the right affections from my parents and siblings, I was daily fed with the gospel of Christ. God has been good. He has been faithful and He has equally assured me of great plans for my life. But because of impatience,  I’ve refused to be joyful.

God awakened a new purpose in me, to help those in need.  I know I may had said I didn’t have much, but I have much more than some other people.

I learnt to equally put the needs of others as part of mine. At lest those i am capable of helping. I learnt to be generous, to give good cloths; new ones not just used ones. I became more observant to my surrounding, such that I buy snack for strangers in need with my snack money because I know when I get home, I have food to eat. I would rather walk home as much as i can and use the transport money to buy ‘ice pop or cold water’ for a young child really thirsty. If I can’t give at any point, I would pray in my heart that God leads someone to provide for such individual in need.

The truth of the matter is that we are so engrossed in our needs that we ignore the needs of others. We write it off because we think that there is nothing much we can do. Maybe yes, but the little you can do is much.

Therefore please, When you enter the mall to buy groceries, do please pick out a bar of chocolate for someone other than you.

Instead of flaunting your new car or bag or shoes etc in the faces of people, be observant to the young man or woman sitting by the slab, looking out to you to throw away you remaining snacks and probably waiting for you to drive out, so that they can feed on the wraps of the snacks or the remaining chicken skeleton you left. Waiting for you to dump your old bag or cloths, so that they stitch it up to wear and look a bit decent.

Instead of laughing at or probably mocking someone that is not well dressed, do consider that it may be all they have to wear.

Instead of complaining of how bad things are for you, thank God for what you have. Remember, some people have it worse.

Don’t feel guilty about not giving when you truly don’t have but never forget to pray for the less fortunate.

Don’t give with ulterior motives; for people to recognize you and publish your name in a newspaper. Don’t give to get fame. Give because it is a form of godliness. It is a divine nature we should have.

There is still hope if we make it a point to care for the less fortunate. God expects it from us. Your blessing should be the blessing of others.


I also saw this amazing piece from a fellow blogger… I hope you enjoy the as i did and prompts you towards the act of compassion as it reignites the fire of compassion in me The lady with child. God bless

Much Love Registered & Protected  W5DR-AQB0-SDOS-MJKB

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  1. Nam H Nguyen says:

    Have you ever visited developing countries? The experience is much the same and it really makes you appreciate what God has granted us. It isn’t hard to help those around us and I’m glad you think the same

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    1. misggrace says:

      I feel we should nit lose our sense of compassion in these current individulised society. Thank you so much for your comment..

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  2. Dan says:

    Execclent and touching article.Mother Teresa said“its not how much you give but the love you have in giving“We must inculcate that culture of remembering others especially in this time and era twhere people are driven by selfish motive ,ego,money and the desire to get fame.Continue your with your good work and may the almighty sovereign bless you richly.Amen

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    1. misggrace says:

      Amen.. Thanks for the encouragement Dan


  3. LEX says:

    this part says it all to me…. (There is still hope if we make it a point to care for the less fortunate. God expects it from us. Your blessing should be the blessing of others.)

    greetings from leXHansplaCE

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  4. Tessy says:

    I like the part that goes like “we are so engross in our own need that we forget the need of others” God bless you my daughter. I love this


    1. misggrace says:

      Thanks a lot Ma…. God bless you


  5. Ugo Egwumba says:

    I opened this page since 25th, couldn’t read it then but somehow I didn’t close the tab, neither did I shutdown my system. Reading it now, I see the reason my spirit prompted me not to close it… I just had to read it.

    Grace, a new song has been planted in my heart from this read. Thank you for taking your time to put this down. We get so caught up with life and being so selfish that we become insensitive to real plights. We get blinded to God’s goodness in our lives and the need to be most grateful for everything we are.

    “There is still hope if we make it a point to care for the less fortunate. God expects it from us. Your blessing should be the blessing of others.”
    Thanks again for this reawakening.
    God bless you.

    Egwumba’s Blog

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    1. misggrace says:

      Reading through your comment and i’m encouraged. God bless you Ugo. :mrgreen::D😄


  6. Bose says:

    Your words are a complete reflection of what i am feeling…Like a burden and a major parasite to my parents. I believe God’s plans and know they would come to pass. I just want to stop being a burden.


    1. misggrace says:

      I understand what you mean, Its not a good feeling at all. But in all this, God is faithful. He expects us to build an attitude of appreciation for all he has been doing in our lives. Its in our prove of thanks that He gives more to us. Our testimony is on the way dearest… Much love and stay blessed


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