he caresJust one experience from my life to assure you that God sees, hears, knows and cares. Trust Him.

A couple of months ago, I was fed up being Jobless and therefore dedicated a whole week going to institutions and hand delivering my CV’s. I was tired of sending my CV’s to only organisations or institutions that advertised on the net or newspapers; I wanted more. I felt like there was an untapped job I was not tapping into which eluded me if I didn’t go out there and hunt for it. But as time went on, I got really tired of my fruitless efforts.

I told God that I was not happy and I was definitely getting tired of sending my CV’s fruitlessly. I told God of my limited finances and how much money I had exhausted in my quest for a Job. Finally on the last day of that week I had dedicated to hand delivering my CV’s, something happened… It was God’s way of telling me, “I see you dear and I care”

While I stood at the bus-stop and waited for a Combi (Bus) that headed my route, I calculated how much more I had left to spend on transport before my finances was completely exhausted. When suddenly, two taxi’s pulled over at the stop; one was dropping off passengers while the other one thought I was a passenger. I then told the Taxi guy that I wasn’t his passenger, I was waiting for a combi. However, he insisted to know where I was heading to despite my continual refusal to talk. I finally told him and surprisingly, he told the single passenger he was carrying to get down and get into the other taxi and I should enter. Believe me when I say I was about to run because I felt like the guy was trying to force me into paying him extra cash that morning. Mind you, if i got into a taxi, I did pay 50 pula whereas I did only pay 3.50 pula if I got into a Combi, it made no sense to me at that point, more so, I was in no rush.

My heart felt no suspicion for the guy but my pocket was unable to afford. I told him straight up that I had no money for his cab. Yet he insisted that I should get in and he would drop me where I was going to. I had peace in my heart about the whole situation and I got in. Along the way, I had the opportunity to share the word of God with him and a few testimonies while he shared some life experiences he had with me. He was so receptive, a good listener and he also had a great sense of humor. He was very sensible and I appreciated that about him.

When he dropped me off at the place I was going to, i offered him 5 pula because that was all i could afford which he received which great joy and when He drove out, I looked up and said, “God, I know it was you”. That event got me smiling the whole day because of the assurance I got that God saw my effort, He heard my prayer that I had no money and I was getting tired of fruitless efforts. He shew me that He cared, He was watching out for me. More like He pat my back and said “I got you”. Let me add that I got to the place on time and the staff I met was really kind unlike many others I met the previous days.

Some people reading this may say ‘its no big deal’, for me, it was and still is. Never fail to appreciate whatever tender mercy and kindness you receive because it goes a long way for other people that may wish to be in your shoes. In your quest for big results or miracle, do not forget the little blessings you receive along the way and appreciate God for it, It is His way of saying that He sees you and that He cares for you.

Don’t think to yourself that God is just that big guy up there that you have to pray to and He randomly chooses whether to answer your prayers amongst the many other people that are equally praying to Him. Its more like saying that your life or the good things you are enjoying is by luck or chance… No way! God is with you, He is close to you, He seats with you, He lives in you and I wish you could understand and believe that. Converse with Him like you would converse with a friend, Tell Him that little naughty detail you would tell your friend, tell him how it made you feel and lastly, trust Him to come through for you. He does not disappoint but you’ve got to learn to be patient and observant.

Am sure you want to know if I got the Job, well, stay tuned for other future posts on God’s mercies towards you and I and I may share 🙂

God bless you

Much Love..

If you love the message, pass it on to encourage somebody… and share yours on the comment box below, I am eager to hear your testimonies.

his mercies endures forever

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10 Comments Add yours

  1. Great post ! enjoyed reading this. x

    Liked by 1 person

    1. misggrace says:

      Thanx … I appreciate your comment


  2. Aakash Sinha says:

    Really.. Call it a co-incidence or God in the Human form… It happens.. I have also felt quite a many times.

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  3. Comfort says:

    I am glad that you saw good in what seem to be a bad situation. This is where we miss it all the time. If God doesn’t give us the big miracle we wanted then he doesn’t care. Once again, i’m encouraged Sis. Grace.

    Tired of my unemployed status after almost five years after graduation can be frustrating. I was watching a drama online about two weeks back that got me thinking. The future i wanted…i’m not ready nor prepared for it. I immediately gave thanks to God cz if i had my way i would have messed up along the way.

    I may not have what people of my age does but my continual stay at home has taught me the true meaning of patience, sacrifice, love and most importantly believeing that God has a greater plan bigger than the seeming delay in my life. I have opportunities to be a blessing in my own little way which would have been impossible if i had left. Thank you Jesus.

    To God be the glory.

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    1. misggrace says:

      God bless you Comfort, i pray that God opens great doors amen!.


  4. I LOVE this story, Misgrace! It made me smile that knowing smile that God is sovereign. He knows all our needs and promises He will provide everything we need! Praying you get a job soon and it would be an opportunity for the Lord to bless you–and vise versa!

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    1. misggrace says:

      Thanks so much Karyn… God has been ever faithful, He provided for me a new beginning. and opportunity i never asked for, way beyond my expectation… Very soon, i did testify about it.. but i have to wait for God to perfect it…

      I appreciate your prayer and comment big time. God bless you abundantly.

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      1. And back at you, dear!
        God is so good, so faithful!
        Looking forward to whatever you put out next!

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  5. G G Moabe says:

    I love this, i was in a similar situation last month, I thanked God but I really didn’t appreciate what that meant till now. Thank you. I’m assured the God see me and hears me. Just when I was about to give up I saw this. Isn’t God good? 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. misggrace says:

      God is ever faithful G, Please dont give up.. Hold on to Him.. He will come through for you.

      God bless you


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