In our African society, we often hear remarks like well educated women or career women find it hard to get married. Reason being that these caliber of women are not submissive. People often make this statement as means to persuade women or daughters to calm their ambition. The true reality of this statement is however unproven. It is no tale that even an ‘unschooled’ woman can choose not to be submissive. Indeed, It is baffling that we as a society still have such myopic views about empowered women in this modern age.Β  Continue reading

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JULY 11 πŸŽ‚

My favorite favorite day of the year

Dessert with siblings

The day I graced the earth… Continue reading

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‘You should come meet my man please…’ Nancy urged Gail who obliged without much hesitation. She felt amused at how she easily referred to her new found love as her man. She wondered if she made a haste decision accepting his relationship offer. Ordinarily, Charles fell short of the standards she wanted in a guy. He was slightly taller than her, light in complexion and equally a soldier. Nancy had a thing for dark skinned men. They were a symbol of strength. She imagined her man to have multiple layers of muscles on his belly which glowed when she smeared Vaseline on it. She wanted him to have a well trimmed afro, an arrogant look and a tall figure. Her man should be able to lift her with ease and pamper her like a rose. She imagined him working for a prestigious company or owning one. But here she was, drooling for a man that was completely different from her fantasy. She questioned her sanity given that she disliked soldiers so much and indeed anyone working for law enforcement agencies. Nancy knew she had a notorious record for insulting soldiers on social media of which she was proud of. She declined friendship from people she knew had siblings working for law enforcement agencies. ‘Perhaps Charles is God’s punishment to me’ She stared at Gail inquisitively ‘Nancy please stop it or else I’ll go back. Why would you even think of such?’. ‘You of all people know how mean I have been to these men. A soldier for crying out loud. Plus he is so not what I would go for’…

Much love, have a wonderful day! πŸ’•πŸŒΉβ€

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One leg relentlessly dangled over the other. As tiny as her nails were, she chewed on them. Betty was obvioisly nervous about something but no one paid attention. After all, the black sheep must endure exclusion. Today, her decision will not only break her, but the church too. 

‘Testimony time’ a minister yelled while the congregation unanimously responded ‘overcomers time’. 

‘How many of us would like to testify of God’s goodness in our lives?’

Betty’s hands were raised but the minister pretended as though he did not see her. You see, few weeks ago, the pastor and his wife called a meeting with all church elders and minsters and Betty was their agenda. A decision was made to exclude her from all church activities…

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Much love ❀

Nothing about her secondary school days amused her. It was a subject she was unapologetic-ally stingy about. As cunning as I was with words, I felt like a child left to starve in front of a healthy fridge. My persuasions meant nothing even as an entitled friend. But today was different, no one expected it. If tears were blood, even the hard heart-ed gasped to survive. Becky’s tale was so vivid that one was made to re-live the experience.

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Have you ever woken up panting because of what you dreamt? Have you been confused, scared or maybe happy about what you dreamt? Do you believe your dreams are a reflection of what is yet to come? Some people say they don’t dream, is that a good thing? Sigmund Freud is of the view that our dreams are a manifestation of our repressed desires. Do you agree? Continue reading

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