Saturday 4:30 pm


“Hi” Lota responded.

Deji stood in front of her, lost in admiration.

“You look good”

 “Thanks Deji, you too”.

Lota felt a roller coaster of emotions all at once. She had anticipated a pleasant meeting with Deji but was now fighting to tame her rage while staring at him.

“Please let’s sit else we draw attention to ourselves” Lota said while taking her seat.

He stretched his hand and gave her the little red bag he was holding.

“For me?”


“Wow, thanks” she collected it, glanced at the content and kept it at the edge of the table.

“You are welcome”

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Lota waved her hands and drew the attention of a waiter not far from their table and then her eye met Dejis’ who had been staring.

“So how are you? Life seems to be treating you well I see” She said.

Deji’s newly found wealth was beginning to rub off on him and it made him more attractive Lota thought. Again, her mind drifted to the woman she had met earlier as it did when Deji stepped in and she felt angrier. Lota began to question why she had agreed to meet with Deji. Kachi was right all along and Deji was not worth the trouble she thought.

Saturday 3:25pm

Lota walked toward the entrance of the restaurant when a lady called out her name. She had initially ignored but the woman was persistent. She was wearing a scarf and dark shades, as though trying to hide her face.

“Hi Lotachi, I am Treasure”

Lota said nothing and kept staring at the lady, unable to place her face from school, church or any recent social gatherings she had attended. She wondered how the lady got to know her name

“You don’t know me and I don’t know how to say this” the woman said

Lota still silent, watched the woman bring out her phone from her bag

“I have your number” she showed Lota “I would have simply sent a text or called but I felt you should see my face first”

“Ok” Lota said, unable to tell if the lady was being spiteful until she took off her shades to reveal a dark patch under one of her eyes.

“I will be meeting up with Deji here, in a few minutes, well, whenever he calls me. He went to pick up a parcel for you” She showed Lota a chat she had just had with a person she called ‘Loverboy’.

 “You said your name was what again?” Lota asked. Calling Deji had changed everything for her. She could not believe that the meeting she had beautifully anticipated was beginning to go sour.

“I won’t delay you; lets chat instead. At least, we now know each other”

Lota watched the woman hurry out.

Saturday 4:45pm

Deji took a gulp of beer while looking through the menu

“About your friend…what’s her name again?”


“Yes Kachi”

“What about her?” Lota asked

“I have a feeling that she knows so much about me… not really in a good way” Deji said, still looking through the menu

“Why would you say that?”

Lota knew that Kachi’s comment had ruffled him and it was only a matter of minutes before he asked. Deji was terrible at concealing his displeasures and this part of him still hadn’t changed. She felt it was odd of him especially that he hated when she confided in him about her displeasures in the past. He would instead dismiss it as ‘picking issues out of nothing’. She had prepared an answer for him but wanted to first play ignorant.

He dropped the Menu, took a sip, gave a stern look and then responded

“I don’t know; let’s just say… a feeling?”

“Is it about what she said earlier?” Lota asked.

She saw his gaze float between her and something or someone behind her. He was clearly annoyed and she was unbothered. In the past, she would succumb to his emotions and did or said anything to appeal to it but she was not having any of it now.

“That too” Deji phone vibrated, he picked it, cleared his throat and dropped it back.

“It’s nothing… I wouldn’t want you bothering about my over protective friend” Lota said

The waiter returned to take their orders.

“I’ll be having Chips and Ribs with salad” Lota said

“And you sir?”

Deji took a sip of his drink and kept staring at the entrance door

“I will have the same thing” he said,

“Your order will be ready shortly” The waiter said and left

“I’ve seen her walk in and out twice now…” he said and Lota turned to look at the entrance door to see if Kachi was insight “Almost as if she is prying on us”.

Lota didn’t like where Deji’s narrative was heading and had to stop him immediately. He was character fishing like he did when they were together, looking for reasons to use the ‘blade’ and sever all ties with a person. She felt annoyed with Deji considering that she had just discovered a skeleton in his closet. What right does he have to judge or point fingers at another person.

She was about to ask him of a lady called Treasure when his phone started to vibrate. Deji picked it and excused himself to use the rest room. As he left, Lota picked her phone and texted Kachi

Lota: Babe Deji said you’ve been hanging around, abeg no too dey act like this na  5:10pm

Kachi: meaning what? 5:14pm

Lota: He assumes that you are ‘prying’ on us which isn’t cool. He said he has seen you twice 5:14pm

Kachi: Remember I also run a business 5:15pm

Deji walked back to his chair. Lota saw him and dropped her phone and continued the conversation.

“Well, about Kachi, she run’s KL” She said

“Oh, that’s nice. It makes a lot of sense now”

“I was actually surprised you picked here”

“Well, a friend described here as “freshly baked bread” in town” Deji responded

Lota’s phone vibrated and it was Kachi’s text

Kachi: Lota please come now 5:22pm

“I am sure you know what that means” He said. He glanced through the restaurant and back at Lota who was on her phone

Lota: Now? Now? Really? 5:25pm

Lota’s phone began to ring. It was Kachi calling. She looked at Deji and said “excuse me, I need to take this call”.

“Hey babe, sup” Lota said

“Please come now”


“Yes, like right now” Kachi said

“Alright, please give me a few minutes, I’ll be out”.

The waiter and Koko were standing at their table with the food they had ordered.  Lota saw Koko’s change of attitude towards Deji and wondered why? She asked the waiter to get her an extra plate to cover her meal and Koko to please escort her out.

“Deji, please excuse me, I’ll be right back”

“Alright” he said and started to eat

Lota and Koko left the restaurant and entered the office at the back of the building. Kachi was not there. She sent a text to her and then cautioned Koko

“Koko, see eh, I don’t care what a person must have done to you, but the moment they enter KL, you treat our customers with respect”

“Yes madam”

“He didn’t see what you did but I saw and I don’t want you to repeat it again please” Lota said

“Yes ma”

Lota saw that Koko was itching to say something and was walking away without saying it. The last she wanted was an unhappy employee

“Koko wait. Spit it out, what do you want to say”

“Madam, no be say I no too like the customer but na the man wey come few days ago dey insult a woman like that its not that I don’t like the customer, it just that he is the man that came few days ago insulting a woman” Koko said

“Really?” Lota was shocked at what Koko’s disclosure and then remembered that Kachi had once mentioned something similar.

“Yes ma”

“Alright, but please don’t treat a customer that way again” she said and watched Koko walk away

“Great! I am having lunch with an abuser” Lota said to herself and then made a call to Kachi

Story continues… Thanks for reading thus far

Ms Chi chi ❤

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  1. Wow…this guy is just a package of surprise. God loves Lota a lot. I hope she cuts him off for life.

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    1. Misggrace says:

      I hope she does too.
      I should drop the last part soon
      Much love Sis

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