Hi everyone, I know it’s been a while, varsity has been crazzzzy for me but I am so happy to share another post with you. I hope men find this write-up helpful. “When a lady ask…” will be a random series that will not run concurrently. I must note that this post and future posts on this topic does not apply to every lady. 

Let me get right into it. 

couples talking

After a few short lived relationships, many ladies tend to be more precise about what they want in their next and hopefully last relationship; the basic qualities they expect their partner to possess and the excesses they are willing to cope with. They tend to have what can be described as “a no nonsense attitude” towards relationship. Any unwarranted childishness from a prospective partner turns them off and they also expect that whichever guy they allow into their life be upfront about his intentions.

So let’s say a few months or even weeks down the relationship, she asks “how do you feel about me, us?” She is basically asking whether she is wasting her time, whether he sees her fit to spend the rest of his life with, whether she should cut her losses and move on or completely settle in. Sadly, some men do not take this question seriously and therefore fail to respond appropriately. But it is important to note that there are reasons why a lady may pop up the above question.

One reason could be that another man is forthcoming with his intention than her current partner. Yep, another guy may be showing keen interest with clear intentions than her current partner. A lady who constantly works on herself and her goals attracts attention. Which means that prospective’s should not get too comfortable on a good woman because they are very replaceable. So dear guys, if she pops the above question, she is only trying to accord you respect as her present partner. Nobody wants any area of their life to be on suspense because of another person’s prolonged indecisiveness.

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Much love from Ms G Chichi ❤



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  1. Hah! Thanks for this life hack. We guys really need to take that question seriously

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    1. Misggrace says:

      You’re welcome😀


  2. Amanya says:

    True all through. One was told me, “if you waste my time, our time, that I can never forgive.”

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    1. Misggrace says:

      Tell me more, what happened after you were told that? 😀

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      1. Amanya says:

        It’s for setting your priorities straight. See most ‘guys’ eyes are half open when in Love. They take things so casual.

        Till the other shows them ‘their value’, what’s to lose, more like what to really appreciate.

        To answer you; I realized what side of my bread was buttered, and tried to spread their side with jam. Least I could do.

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  3. …a decisive relationships paves the way for a lasting relationship as well. Happy to see you back. Good times.

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    1. Misggrace says:

      Hi Kamakhya, I am always excited when I read your comment. Very true, indecisiveness helps no one. It only wastes time which is a scarce and irretrievable commodity.
      I am happy to be back and I can’t wait to get through all your posts 🙂 I have missed your write up so much.
      Thank you ones again my good friend

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  4. A good write Grace on the delicate emotional relationship , a decissiv

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