“By failing to prepare, your are preparing to fail” Benjamin Franklin

It is atimes frustrating to patiently wait for something you have no idea what time it is set to arrive. For example, a job offer, promotion, sponsorship, marriage and many more. Imagine a graduate that is still hoping to get a job since three years of finishing varsity; imagine an employee still waiting for a promotion since 10 years of employment in a company; imagine an application for a land acquisition or contract that is still pending since two years of applying; imagine a 36 year old lady still waiting for a spouse, the list is unending. 

In moments like these, it is easy to give into despair, anger, bitterness and perhaps blame everything and everyone else for the unfavorable circumstance but oneself. Wait! pause a bit and try to answer these questions;

  1. How prepared are you for what you are waiting for?
  2. How resourceful are you to maintain what you are waiting for?
  3. How matured are you to handle what you are waiting for?

The case could be that tomorrow you receive the appointment  letter or promotion letter to start working the next day but three or less months along the line, you are unable to cope with the job and therefore you quit or get fired. Perhaps the sponsorship arrives but along the line you feel like quitting because the pressure is more than you can bare. The man or woman of your “dreams” may arrive but character flaws may strain the whole relationship and therefore one of you may decide to call it a quit etc. It is therefore important to remind oneself that training or preparation does not start when the package arrives but rather “before it arrives”.

Proper preparation prevents poor performance ~ Anonymous

The “waiting period”, though dreadful, is a crucial part of the pending package. What are you doing with you time? Time wasted cannot be regained and Time spent productively is not wasted. Out of 24 hours each day, how much is given to sleep and productivity? How much is spent on working on ones bad attitude, negative mindset or building vocabulary and sharpening talents or existing skills etc. How much is spent on social media? how much is spent on unproductive or vision-less friends? How much is spent on reading and application? How much is spent on like-minded people? The more time a person spends improving themselves the less likely they are to feel overwhelmed during the waiting period. The more time a person spend working on themselves, the better their chances at succeeding.

To be continued…

by MisG Chinonye Ifezue




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  1. This is a great post. The questions are so point, hitting me in the right places and really got me thinking. I know I have to do some realignments… Thanks for sharing.

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    1. Misggrace says:

      😂 thank you so much Victor, I am glad this post was hitting the right places as much as it did to me when I got the inspiration. 🌹


  2. Very important lesson! What we do while we wait is just as important as the wait. It’s so hard to think this way sometimes! Lol

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Misggrace says:

      Exactly! This post was me self examining myself… I should put up the final part soon 😂, thanks for reading through and contributing, God bless you 🌹❤


      1. Lol yes definitely write the final part ! You’re welcomeee! Stay blessed

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  3. Very beautifully said, preparedness & perseverance pay ! A contemporary write we all identity with ! Keep sharing good thoughts,blessed times!

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    1. Misggrace says:

      Thank you Kamakhya 🌹

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