Yay!!! I have been nominated for the Liebster award, all thanks to Designerworldstudio. Please do checkout my buddy’s blog. It is fun and engaging. Much love Designerworldstudio, I appreciate your nominations.  Below are answers to your questions

  1. Who is your favorite You Tuber?

Hmm, I doubt I have any favorite, I just watch a bunch of stuff on YouTube. If I consider it interesting, I subscribe to it but no favorites. Please feel free to suggest any fun You Tuber

2. What are your favorite mixture quotes?

  • ‘The traditional man wants a woman to be subservient, but he never falls in love with subservient women. He’s attracted to independent women. He’s like an exotic bird collector… He only wants a woman who is free because his dream is to put her in a cage’

Trevor Noah, ‘Born a Crime’

  • ‘When God wants to bless you, He puts a person in your life. When Satan too wants to destroy your life, he puts a person in your life’ D. K. Olukoya

3. Do you like horror movies and which one?

Nope, I am not really a horror movie person but I have watched an awful amount for a non-lover. Final Destination by James Wong

4. Which is your favorite song?

“Jailer” by Asa. She is a brilliant artist who conveys lot of wisdom in metaphors.

5. 6 random facts about you.

  • I love scarfs and shoes
  • I don’t like using eye glasses or contacts though I can’t see without them. So if it seems like I ignored you in public, check if my glasses are on
  • I don’t like gifts like cards and teddy bears. I prefer you take a pen and write something thoughtful than get me a card. I will only accept a teddy bear if it is as huge as a person. Other than that, I don’t appreciate cards or Teddy bears
  • I love to cook and I am good at it
  • I am blunt/honest
  • I am a big introvert but I don’t mind chilling with people though

6. Where did you see your blog in 5 years?

I see my blog as a better source of information and encouragement for readers/viewers. More rich content and perhaps videos

7. How you manage your blog when you are a student or you doing the job?

When I have a full schedule, I hardly blog. I guess I haven’t yet gotten a balance between blogging and other activities. However, if during my busy schedules I find inspiration or new insight on a particular subject, I post there and then on my blog.

8. Describe your blog name in one word.


9. Which is your favorite author and why?

Of recent, I will choose Trevor Noah as my favorite author. I love his book ‘Born a crime’. He analyzes incriminating event with so much humor and maturity. He expresses his point of view in a manner that persuades a reader to critically analyze events before jumping to conclusion. His book is mind stimulating and I bet you will love it.

10. What is your favorite place for the holiday?

Any place nature filled, beautiful and serene is a perfect holiday spot for me. So far, a place in Botswana called Kasane does it for me. I look forward to other amazing adventures around Africa and indeed the world.

11. Describe yourself in two words.

Honest, thoughtful


  1. Thank the blogger who has nominated you
  2. Answer 11 questions from the blogger who has nominated you
  3. Nominate 11 blogs
  4. Ask them 11 questions


Myfaithjourney2016      JUDY<3     Joan Akob       Sparsha Mishra

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  1. Describe yourself in a sentence
  2. Describe your blog in a sentence
  3. Have you ever liked a blog post without actually reading the content of the post? Why?
  4. Is blogging just a hobby or do have future plans for your blog?
  5. Fish, red meat, chicken; which do you prefer most? If non, why?
  6. Do you still enjoy cartoon?
  7. What’s your favorite quote on love?
  8. What’s the nicest thing a person has done for you?
  9. What the most annoying thing a person has done to you?
  10. Social media, books, work, friends and family? Which takes the bulk of your time and attention? Be honest!
  11. Do you believe in after life, heaven and hell, reincarnation? Why?




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  1. Joan Akob says:

    Congratulations😄😄😄😄!!! 🙌 More awards to follow🌹. Thanks for the nomination too💞😘

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Misggrace says:

      Thanks 😍👊🌹


  2. Congrats Grace , thank you for the nomination. Happy times!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Misggrace says:

      You are welcome my good friend Kamakhya, Happy times!

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