Have you ever woken up panting because of what you dreamt? Have you been confused, scared or maybe happy about what you dreamt? Do you believe your dreams are a reflection of what is yet to come? Some people say they don’t dream, is that a good thing? Sigmund Freud is of the view that our dreams are a manifestation of our repressed desires. Do you agree?

In my dream, I found myself inside a building. 
It had the form of a church but not your usual conventional church
It was as though the place was at the center of a market area
Crowded outside but scanty inside; not more than 10 people in this church
Scanty instruments at the alter, hardly anyone to play either

I think I sat with three congregants, 
but then I suddenly found myself on the altar about to praise.
I looked through the window on my left
and saw lots of people looking into the church

All the women were covered in long apron from head to toe
They looked sad as though they were forced into the life they lived
The music started and a multitude perched around the church
They were all afraid to get in though one could see their heart desired to worship
I was really puzzled by this! Why the fear?

As the music continued, I heard lots of people screaming outside
It was scary, the screams halted everything.
People were running like headless chicken
It was as though a force carried some up and threw against objects. 
The few within the building disappeared, they hid themselves in what looked like a cupboard

I saw men on horses with long sticks and merchant swords
They had huge scarfs on their head and their attire was heavy
Their dark glasses made them look even meaner
They struck all those they found around this building
They even killed some. They acted without a drop of mercy
I heard the windows shatter and the chair overturned
They desecrated what looked like a temple and sought for those within to kill

I ran into what looked like a kitchen but there was hardly any hiding place
I forcefully woke up!

Well, for the religious folks, particularly Christians, the bible teaches that God reveals things through dreams, therefore dreams important and should be treated accordingly.

What then is the meaning of this dream? How can one find clarification? I wouldn’t want to believe that this dream was as a result of a repressed desire but however, I was really concerned about the affairs of my nation two weeks before I had the dream. I guess the best way to find clarification is to pray and seek wise counsel, better still, leave it to God. In respect to this dream, I prayed particularly for Nigeria, that the gospel of Christ will not be silenced.

Be free to share your story or thoughts, God bless ❤


© God’sgrace MisG


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  1. Shrushti says:

    I like listening to people’s dreams. There are so few who use their imagination or talk vividly about their experiences that at least in the form of a dream I find it absolutely wonderful to hear their passion. Though, you must forgive me for I wouldn’t be able to analyze your dream, I’m not christian and I do not know the story.

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    1. Misggrace says:

      Thanks dear 🌹❤

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  2. Comfort says:

    Your allusion to Nigeria’s situation is right and also to several other countries where Christians are being persecuted. May the Lord strengthen the heart of His people so that we can stand united and brave through these terrible times

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Misggrace says:

      Amen! That is sincerely my prayer and heart cry

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