Ma’am, I am tired of being judged by you. I have been placed in a system that makes you look down on me. Its not fair! Why does my class group make you think I am stupid or less intelligent than students from your other class. Oh! is it because they are in a group that suggest they are brilliant?

I should shut up? Why should I shut up? Should I not tell you how I feel? How you make me feel each school term? Ma’am, I am tired of being afraid of you? I am tired of allowing what you think of me, us, hold me down. I can not beg for your love and respect anymore. I am exhausted.

I see the way you smile towards them. I see the way you carry yourself around them, as though they are your jewel. They are the cream, the silk, the cherry… Its fine! But why treat us as though a mud on your shirt was better than having us as your student?

Why do you always enter our class with a frown? Why are you always angry at us? I try to ask you questions in class when I don’t understand but you ignore me or barely try to give an answer. Sometimes your reply brings more confusion. You do that on purpose don’t you? You wonder why I fail, why we fail. You have already given up on me, us without trying. You come into our class as though exhausted, waiting for the school siren.

Remember when you thought one of us stole your phone? You paraded us as thieves in front of the whole school? But when your husband brought the very phone you forgot at home, you did not apologies to us in front of the whole school. They still see us as thieves you know… You are part of the reason I hate secondary school

You see, I may not be fast, but I am intelligent too. Just like it took you time to navigate through your phone, it takes me take to navigate through some concepts. You admitted to us that using your phone was complicated so you’ve limited yourself to only SMS, CALLS and WHATSAPP. Unlike you, I don’t give up nor limit myself and you know it. My monthly progress scares you enough to think I cheat in test. I see the way you stand by my side a lot and its fine. Just stop tagging me with a 60% when you know I deserve an 80%. I am not worried though because final exams are fast approaching and you are not going to grade me

Please watch out for my scores because I want you to shamefully take the glory for my hard work. Instead of grumbling about your unfairness, I have decided to deprive myself hours of sleep and fun for study. I am catching on, yes I am. You are my painful drive. I am out to beat your best students in case I have not mentioned that.

Your student πŸ™‚

As teachers, we must treat our students fairly and show them we believe in them. Stop segregating among students.

Β© God’sgrace MisG


About Misggrace

An upcoming drama and movie writer. Concerned about distorted values of the society and i would therefore express these concerns through writings using a christian perspective.
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  1. Comfort says:

    Well written Grace. This is unfortunately how inhuman some teachers could be. This is why being a teacher is a calling and not some profession you get into because you love children and what not. You must be called, be passionate and full of patience and commitment. Your life’s goal is to build up the leaders of tomorrow and shape them into responsible, confident and empowered adults.

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