broken heart

A Toxic heart ❀ will always find it difficult to positively influence others because what it gives automatically pollutes the heart of others.

When we choose to sweep the negative issues of life that has affected our heart under the carpet instead of dealing with it by confessing it out to God and seeking for the right help, we cannot potentially bless people without hurting them or making them stay away from us.

We often choose the easy way out by masking ourselves with “I’ve got it all together or I’ve got it all figured out clothing” Or we choose to see other people as the enemy to our joy and peace and therefore we fight them by giving them the “I don’t care attitude” Because we don’t want to make ourselves Vulnerable in any way. And we try to find comfort in the misery of those that walked away from us or treated us the way we don’t like’. In addition, we try to confide in the right people by giving them the “HALF STORY” of what happened because we don’t want them to see the bad part we played in the whole situation, so that they don’t rightfully rebuke us. We try to make them get on our side so that they see the other people around us as the bad guys.

Well, from past experiences, I can confidently say that things don’t just start working all right except if we make ourselves Vulnerable by sweeping out all this Negative issues to God no matter how dirty and bad they may make us feel as a children of God 1 John 1:9. When we cover our sins, God exposes them but when we confess it and expose it to God, The blood of Jesus blots it away from our record.

We confess them to God one by one by saying, God i lied against this person, God i refused to help out this person, God this person hurt me by subtly taking away what i thought belonged to me and for that i hated him or her for it but today, i choose to forgive because you have forgiven me even at worst. We equally have to make a conscious effort to ask for forgiveness from those we wrong and restitute James 5:16. this is often the hardest part; and therefore we need grace.

When we make conscious effort to walk with God and be a better us. Things gradually begin to come together for our good. I tell you that God will RIGHT those WRONGS and use it for His glory. You have to make a conscious effort to Change. Renew Your Mind with God.

I wish you all my brothers and sisters in Christ the very best in this race because i can guarantee you, it is not an easy one. We need Grace! Much ❀ and God bless.


About Misggrace

An upcoming drama and movie writer. Concerned about distorted values of the society and i would therefore express these concerns through writings using a christian perspective.
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7 Responses to YOUR HEART

  1. Chioma says:

    I love your posts they are beautiful….i feel like i just found something i have been looking for here. I am following!

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  2. His love perfects us ..rightly said ..look forward to your more beautiful posts ! you may check out my new post ” Near or Far : My God with Me ” echoing bit similar to your take on this . God Bless .

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  3. Negativism , jealousy & an unforgiving attitude … a well written post by you , Grace . When we try to cover our sins , God exposes them & when we confess it , expose it to God , God jesus blots it away fro our record ” how wonderful & true ! When he knows us inside out ,
    it should be in our well being to just surrender , confess to HIM ! In fact he will be solidly behind us in removing that toxic elements in all of us ! Time to confess , time to feel him … everything we do . Very nicely articulated , Lovely post. God bless .

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    • Misggrace says:

      Thank you so much Kamakhya πŸ™‚ I appreciate your contributions alot. Like you said, We should surrender all because His love does not condemn us but perfects unto righteousness. I know i want to keep being a better me so that I can be a blessing to others. But we are often stubborn atimes.. May we continually tap into His grace Amen. ❀

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