downloadJust one day from Mrs Ade’s (Nneka) year

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Nneka wondered how many years ago she had skipped a stair case in the name of rushing to a place. Glad to God that the fall at the office had not broken her neck, just minor bruises and a torn skirt; she was thankful only the company intern saw her skirt ripped apart with the fall. She appreciated how he maturely contained his emotions while he offered help. Nneka suddenly felt sarcastically amused by the morning but refused to believe the thought of an enchantment working against her. She was not ready to think too far about whom or what might be behind her ill morning, however, it did not stop her from pleading the blood of Jesus over herself and family while she drove to her sons school.

Packed close to the administration block, she systematically looked around to ensure that no one watched while she quickly changed into the Okirika (second hand) formal pants she bought few meters away from the school. She was glad it fitted perfectly as though she wore it to work, despite the fact that she left the choice in the hands of a nonchalant cloth seller, who cared less about her reasons for not stepping out of the car to make her choice.

“Hello babe, Hello…. Dave, Dave? Ooo God! why today of all days? voice mail for what? why put your phone on voice mail today of all days?”

She increasingly felt tensed because she knew that no matter how busy her David was, he always sent a text to confirm why he was unable to pick her call that moment. She felt so annoyed about his unusual mobile behavior but unconsciously made an excuse for it.

Hello, Oo yes, am already in the school. I’ll be in your office in a couple of minutes.”

She quickly raced towards the school admin block; her slender body and long legs made it easier for her. The imagination of Daniel’s broken nose and the pool of blood suddenly seemed so heavy for her mind. She was tired of over-estimating or underestimating the situation, she was tired of exaggerating anything, she just wanted to see how bad things were, to weigh it on her own scale. But she could not help herself; she knew that her boys had never gotten into any trouble that warranted the principal’s call.

Good morning”

Secretary: Good morning Mrs Ade, you can go through, the principal is waiting.

 “Thanks”She hesitated to open the door, she wondered if she was ready for what awaited behind it. “O God please! I don’t want to get in there and faint ooo.”

“Good morning sir, O My God! Donald! what happened to you?”

Good morning Mrs Ade, please calm down”

Donald, I said what happened to you? Where is Daniel?”

Mrs Ade…”

Am sorry sir… its just… Donald, what is the meaning of this?”

She quickly helped herself to the seat next to Donald and examine his tattered uniform. She questioned what sort of confrontation rendered her son almost naked. She felt annoyed, bitter, confrontational; tears were weighing heavy on her eyes. She imagined how helpless her boys were while they was brutally beaten. She raised her head high to salvage the tears, she tried to force a smile but yet it was impossible to with hold what was already at the brim of overflowing.

I understand that what you see is frustrating but please try and be calm so that we deal with this matter appropriately”

Nneka gently collected the tissue the principal offered

I assure you, we would  get to the root of what happened Mrs Ade, I’m only annoyed that Donald here has refused to expose those who did this to him. Such brutal acts cannot be condoned in this school. I think Donald may be willing to talk to you”

Donald, what does your principal mean by ‘You were refusing to expose who did this?”

She suddenly felt agitated looking at Donald, She felt annoyed with the principal for telling her to calm down, she wondered what he meant by ‘calm down’. Was she being unreasonable with her emotions? What if Donald was his child, would he have said the same thing? She wondered why Donald wasn’t saying anything. She concluded that if he was not calmly going to say anything, she was forcefully going to beat it out of him. After all, she never spared the rod on either of them when they warranted it. Donald’s half swollen face and sudden mumbling made her all the more impatient.

Talk now, or did they equally cut your tongue in the fight? O my God! were you fighting with your brother? Were both of you fighting?”

She saw how Donald’s eye lit up which made her scared. She wondered if Daniel was capable of doing this to his brother; whether she had raised monsters all along. Were they fighting over the pocket money they had collected from their dad this morning for snacks? She blamed herself for not making pancakes.

“Can I please see Daniel? Where is he?

At the guidance department. They managed to stop his nose bleed but he has to rest for a while”

Mummy, I and Daniel weren’t fighting”

Nneka was surprised at her quick reaction to smack Daniels head

Mrs Ade please, not now”

Her gaze lingered on Donald and when she finally lifted it to the principal, she knew he was frightened though he tried to maintain his composure. She was glad he was afraid and would perhaps get a glimpse of how she felt inside; probably erase the ‘calm down’ speech from his mouth.

“You can finally talk abi? When we get to Daniel, both of you better tell me what happened, or else I will kill you both since whoever did this was afraid to kill you.

Her words surprised her. She wanted to make them stop but her emotion lubricated her mouth lose to let out words void of rationality. She did not care if she sounded like a killer, a bully, an abuser; she just wanted to see the people that were fearless to touch her cubs. The Lioness has arrive and whoever saw her children as prey must be brave enough to face her.

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An upcoming drama and movie writer. Concerned about distorted values of the society and i would therefore express these concerns through writings using a christian perspective.
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