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Nneka shared an office with Mrs Oun who made the working space usually unbearable. Nneka hated that Mrs Onu always made her know she was younger even if her work description made her senior. She had  a financial report to submit at 2pm and therefore promised herself not to look at Mrs Onu’s dissuading behaviors or listen to her subtle negative remarks.

 “Aah, you are already here Ma, Good morning!” She noticed that Mrs Onu made no attempt to respond to her greetings but instead, pretended not to have noticed  she walked into the office

Good morning Ma, how are you this morning?”

Mrs Onu: Oo nne, Good morning oo, kedu? (O dear, good morning, how are you?)

 “I’m alright, thank you…” Without waiting for Nneka to complete her sentence she added

Well, am very much fine my dear, hmm I thank my God ooo”

Nneka noticed how Mrs Onu shifted herself out of her desk and crossed her legs in such a way it was hard not to notice the new leather shoes that matched perfectly with the light brown coat she wore.

Woowh! lovely, I like!” Nneka was taken by the quality of Mrs Onu’s shoe. Her love for shoes made it easier for her to identify good quality branded shoes. A shoe boutique was her next best option if she was not into the cooperate world.

Mmmh? whats lovely”

She beat her head, mumbled to herself and brought out the file she was supposed to be working on. She reminded herself that she wasn’t going to give chances to Mrs Onu’s behavior but here she was falling for probably two of them so far. First the pretense not to have seen her and now the shoe brag. She responded to Mrs Onu while placing all focus on her computer while organizing documents she needed to work with.

I was referring to your shoes”

Ooo, thanks, It was my husband that got it for me… The way he spoils me, I cant complain, Thank God he is not fist tight with money. I see you beat your head, hmmm, I hope you haven’t forgotten any important document at home?”

No I didn’t, I was just…” The urge to explain herself suddenly disappeared. She tried not to dwell on Mrs Onu’s former statement but couldn’t help but wonder whether Mrs Onu could tell that her husband was somewhat stingy. She wondered if she had said something in the past that gave out her husbands weakness or whether Mrs Oun’s statement was random. She beat her head again, this time louder than the first.

Whats the meaning of that Mrs Ade? Biko kwa (please oo), don’t break your head and make people think I wounded you.”

“Sorry Mrs Onu… Its been an eventful morning for me and…”

Whatever it is, not by breaking your head please!”

She suddenly felt herself choking from the nuts she wanted to eat

“Are you OK Mrs Ade?

Unable to find words she wave until she spat out the entire thing in her mouth.

“Nawa oo, i hope your hands are clean?”

“Whats the meaning of that?”

“No oo, nothing! I was just remembering that place in the bible that says if you break a hedge, the serpent would bite”


“So nothing, don’t mind me my dear, concentrate on what you have come here to do”

Nneka felt Mrs Onu gained more confidence with her increasingly flawed gestures and she needed to get her acts together else Mrs Onu may have a fun feast day with her. What she saying that she was evil and is reaping from her evil deeds? She abhorred insinuating statements or actions of Mrs Oun but engaged in it. She noticed as Mrs Onu stood up from her seat and made her way towards their office printer. Nneka suspected she was trying to gallivant more about her appearance and she had every reason to. Though she was 53 years, she could easily compete with 23 year old’s in a beauty contest.However, her pompous nature was going to deny her the crown. She has two sons now in their early twenty’s and a daughter in her late teens, yet she looked so youthful, radiant and in perfect shape. She equally had great wardrobe sense; always on point with her outfits. Nneka wondered if Mrs Onu had weaknesses she was trying to cover up with fashionable cloths. She beat her head for the third time and checked her watch, it was 8.17am and she suddenly felt bitter with herself for everything, her husband, her sons, her role as a woman and mother, her job, the unnecessary competition she often submitted to with Mrs Onu.

hmm! please take it easy ooo! Every Madam needs help to remain madam, please consider employing a maid, you can afford it.”

Nneka Ignored though she knew Mrs Onu had a point. The only problem was that her David bluntly turned down her various attempts to employ a helper. He complained that they were possessed or corrupt and would influence their children negatively. She did not forget his exact words  ” I don’t want another woman cooking my meal in my house”. She initially found comfort in these words but now she thought of it, it made her feel annoyed, belittled, a slave working for her master.  She checks her watch, it was 11.20am. She was proud of the progress she had made amidst the mental distractions.

A call from the school, its 11.30am

Good morning sir! such a rare call, I hope all is well?” She wondered what her sons were likely to do to warrant a call from the Principal. She knew they owed no debt to school.

Principal: Good morning Mrs Ade, please can you rush down to the school as quickly as you can? Its about your sons

She felt her heart falling out of her chest; she could not help but imagine the worst even before she made attempt to ask about her sons.

What about them?”

Principal: I suggest you come down and see for yourself. You would be in the best position to judge if all is well Mrs Ade. But currently, Daniel is seriously bleeding through his nose and Donald’s uniform is unacceptably torn. We are trying to control Daniel’s nose bleed.

Unaware that she stood up from her seat, She observed that Mrs Onu was delightfully interested in her phone conversation and quickly exited the room.

What! My God! O my Lord! am on my way!”

She wondered why her husbands phone was not going through especially when she needed him that moment. While suppressing the tension of the financial report due time, she grabbed her keys and bag and rushed out of the office. She was not ready to please Mrs Onu with the details of the unfortunate incident. It pained her that she had nobody at work to confide in since it was mostly a world filled with men that saw her as competition. The few women around where too petty towards each other.

“Mrs Ade! Mrs Ade, where are you going? hope all is well….”


 Stay tuned as Nneka tries to tackle the unfortunate incident at her sons school…

Do check out the first write up for continuity I’M NO FEMINIST BUT SHE DOES A LOT!

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