downloadJust one day from Mrs. Ade’s (Nneka) year; Family, Work, School…


While she dressed up for work, she watched her husband get out of bed, lazily walked towards her and warmly kissed her

Morning hun” Davids gaze still somewhat makes her shy despite 11 years of marriage

Morning Babe”

She watched him yearned, stretched and headed towards the bathroom. It was her favorite sight of him every morning and she secretly knew it was one reason she woke up before him even during weekends.

Almost good to go, 5:15am you are good! you deserve a super wifey medal”

hahaha, its too early to start making jokes” She maintained her smile as she watched him observe like he usually does each morning. She could tell from his eyes when his was pleased or extra pleased with her outfit. Today he was pleased and she still felt satisfied.

You look gorgeous”

Thanks babe”

Her morning husband view excitement was over, it was time to get her twin boys ready for school. She had a financial report due 2pm and she knew she was running late.

Gosh! No pancakes today, we are running behind time guys”

She hated when they grumbled but she had no option than to endure while she prepared cereals.

Keep quiet and eat up, do you boys think I’m a stick? If mummy has to wake you up, iron your uniforms, remind you to brush your teeth, what time is left for pancakes? Makes sure I don’t see any drop of food on your uniform okay!”

It amazed her how quickly Daniel and Donald responded to her pleas. No compliant, no arguments; lest they did was report her to David. She loved how identical they looked, more so, their striking resemblance with their father. It felt to her like having three of one person around and she loved it; David, Daniel and Donald, her three D’s. Though they were nine years, their height estimated them far above their age. She knew they had that edge, that oomph factor that made them easily lovable by many. It pleased her that they craved her food just like their father does but there was nothing she could do to give them pancakes.

Where are both of you going to? come back here, Dan, Donald!”

They called out to their father loud enough to obscure her voice as they raced up to report. She moved closer to the stairs and heard Dan clearly report about his breakfast disappointment with Donald in support all in an attempt to collect lunch money from their dad. Nneka felt pity for the wooden stairs as David and the boys raced towards the dinning like armed soldiers ready for war; hoping for a far fetched victory. She was the enemy who served cereal for breakfast they needed to conquer but she too was armed.

Come on babe, its three times in a role now, please tell me its not cereal again”

Sadly it is… I know honey! But we’re already late, am so sorry about this”

But you are not that late” She didn’t want to use her work as an excuse again but she had no choice

“I have to submit a financial report today by two;  I need to get to the office on time. less traffic, more time to work; you know the drill…”

She hugged him gently by the neck and pleaded with a puppy face which she knew he could not resist. She won the breakfast fight though she knew how cheated they felt. If only she could quit her job to satisfy their belly, however, generosity was a luxury David was unable to afford despite his fat earnings. More so, she loved the idea of earning enough to provide for herself and her sons and the idea of being a career mom.

I packed some fruits, yogurt and nuts for you, you like?” This was always her appeasement strategy

Yah sure!”

Babe, please one more thing, I beg” She was about to ask a mountain of him

Yes?” She watched him forcefully filled his mouth with the unwanted breakfast he was subjected to

I would not be able to make lunch either, please don’t come back at lunch. I’ll grab something and bring for you at work? yeah?”

No no no no, I did not bargain for this Nneka”

He only called her by her birth name when he felt really hurt or annoyed by something she had done. Dan and Donald clearly understood each tone in their fathers voice, so they quietly exited the dinning for their room.

Just for today babe, I promised”

“You’ve made this promise once too many times and sincerely I don’t like it”

Honey, please lets not argue else more time would be wasted, its almost seven” She tried to hug him in her third appeasement though she knew it was a long shot

Fine!” She watched him pull away from her and ran upstairs to pick up his work accessories.

Dav come on, I didn’t mean it that way”

She watched David bang the door so hard while he left the house. She understood it was his way of describing how hurt he felt. She wondered why a small thing like meal offended him greatly, more over, she was the one slaving in the house but was taking it gracefully; how insensitive and unreasonable he was.

Dan, Donald, the moment I enter the car, I will not wait for any one.”

It was 7:20am, she watched her boys raced into their class room before she drove out. She estimated that she did arrive at her office at 7.40am at most.


Nneka shared an office with Mrs Oun who made the working space usually unbearable. Mrs Oun always made sure that Nneka knew she was younger even if her work description made her senior…. Stay Tuned

God bless you for reading through! ❤

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About Misggrace

An upcoming drama and movie writer. Concerned about distorted values of the society and i would therefore express these concerns through writings using a christian perspective.
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  1. I can’t wait to read the rest. I feel like this story really tells the story of a lot of women these days, myself included. Only difference for me is I’m not married, but I do have a son.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Amazing post loved it ☺️ looking forward to reading more.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. A very interesting story. I have to admit that I admire and respect every such woman that truly works hard like Nneka. I haven’t been there obviously but I also believe that men and husbands should be more sensitive and tolerant to their wives.

    Great Job Gegee

    Liked by 1 person

  4. A very interesting story.I have to admit that I respect every such woman out there that truly works hard like Nneka. I haven’t been there obviously but I think men and husbands should also be more sensitive and tolerant to their wives.

    Great Job Gegee

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Comfort says:

    Wow! Love the story! Poor Nneka. Being a career woman and a wife plus mum can be so demanding

    Liked by 1 person

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