It is unfortunate that these days, Christians are unable to emit or be the light in the dark world because they themselves conform to the standards of this world even if it is in half measure. Half measure of wrong doing is still full measure to God because He bluntly said in His word that He spills out lukewarm folks Rev 3:16. I also ask myself “why do people stand for what they do not fully stand for?”

5 Signs of Modern day Christianity

  1. Adultery and Fornication: I see many young christian folks use this statement “Its my body and I can do whatever the hell I want to do with it and its nobody’s business”.  Hello! Nobody is forcing you to call yourself a CHRISTIAN! the term means that you are a representative of CHRIST. Hey, yes! God has given you and I FREE WILL and He always ask us to choose whether we want to walk in His Path or not. He doesn’t force His way down our throat. But why call yourself CHRISTIAN and yet not ready to live your life as one. Why do you choose to identify with God and yet don’t want to act as part of his Team. The moment you say you gave your life to Christ, your BODY is no longer yours but HIS. You become married to Christ, He becomes your husband. Purity must become a huge deal for you.

You are only allowed to share your body with your God given Husband after marriage not before marriage. Its not easy I know, especially in a world full of immorality, that paints sex as no big deal, as a means to prove your love for your partner; but you live according to a new standard that does not seek to destroy you but build you and your future spouse ‘if you are not yet married’.

I see choir directors or leaders in their various department in church fornicating and having pregnant girlfriends and their pastors say nothing. Fornication and Adultery should not be promoted in the house of God. We need correction as young people and we must submit to the law of Christ. I’ve heard a priest say “We all know that young people in the church fornicate every time,  so I think the best solution is for us Pastors to keep condoms in church toilets for you guys young folks, so as to promote safer sex. We don’t want you guys getting STI/D”. Believe me, I was stun, I couldn’t believe a ‘Priest’ will ever say such to me and my course mate. What of ABSTINENCE?!! Am sure some people reading this may wonder whats wrong with the priest suggestion, please go back to the feet of Jesus, you will understand why its wrong. To my Future husband, whoever you are, am praying that God gives you the grace to stay pure just like He is giving me the grace to. I love you already.

purity ring

2. Modern fashion: These days, you would ask yourself whether people are going to church or to a disco party. Ladies expose a lot of their body parts (thigh, upper breast, size of their buttocks etc) when they dress to come to church. The question then becomes,

A) What are your thoughts and intentions when choosing what to wear to church? or even outside church? To catch the attention of a guy or to please God? Modesty will attract a good man from the furthest part of this earth. Boys are driven by lust! This lust will lead them to other ladies that dress as shallow as you dressed to attract him. When you dress, remember you are a queen, so dress like one ladies.I appreciate it when I see younger female youths in church dressed in similar fashion they see me dress in; when they get comfortable on flowing long skirts or gowns and tie their scarfs in similar fashion and better still, receive huge compliments from people.  

B) Guys, how do you behave towards ladies that prompt them to wear what they wear to church? Are we there as young ladies to please your eyes and heart or to respect God? Why do we put Tattoos on ourselves when the bible clearly dissuade us from doing such? Why cut your hair in a way that distracts people from worshiping God but instead, to your head? Tongue piercings etc.

A guy that love you will not encourage you to disrespect your body and God. A lady that Loves you will not seek to tempt you into fornicating with them. A girl lacks self control but wants long time commitment from  you and will definitely lead you to displease God. Look for a godly woman.

Good men and virtuous women have boundaries and know it.  Lets dress to uplift instead of pull down. Don’t wear what you are supposed to wear in private out in public! even if today’s society deems it OK!

modestyI love the way Michelle dresses! Modest

3. Homosexuality: ‘Condemn the sin not the sinner’. I say this because we must use wisdom when addressing this issue but as well be firm in abiding with Gods word! I believe it is not up to any man to judge if any person is beyond redemption, only God can do that. God can save homosexuals from the path of death!

These days, we come in contact with people we have to work with but they are homosexuals or stand for homosexuality. As a child of God, when asked of your stand with homosexuality and all you can say is “I see nothing wrong with it so far these people are abiding with the word of God and telling others about God’s word” then you probably need to check your life. How can someone who is a homosexual be abiding to Gods word when Gods word clearing condemns the act? what’s the sense in that comment?. Always make them understand that their act is not in conformity to God’s word period! They need to know your stand at all times, however, this does not mean you don’t share the love of Christ with them or help them where possible; pray for them and always speak the truth. You don’t need to be rude about it, just be firm in your believe. I’ve been told of a youth pastor that told his subject that it was OK to be gay! For real? which bible is he reading? Homosexual Pastors and ‘Christian leaders’? Its left for God to judge but I would definitely not fellowship in such sanctuary.

4. Segregation: When you enter some churches, you can immediately feel the CLASS OR SOCIAL STATUS vibe all over the place! starting from children to adults. Pastors children and children of them rich folks find it difficult to relate with other children they consider below them. Youths will segregate among-st them selves over trivial thing like the kind of school they attend or the clothing they wear and or even accent or beauty! Apparently there is a way those that go to English medium school speak, and if you cant speak like them or conform to that, you aint legible to hang out with them, worse still if you aint cute enough; that’s just absolute nonsense! Among-st the adults, there is a section in church reserved for the elite, middle class and poor. This is so sad! the house of God lacks humility and unity.

Am not surprise because segregation has been dated back to the church of old. However it is killing the house of God, it is ruining a lot of potential. As bigger brothers and sisters in Christ, we should encourage the younger ones to live a life of humility. Segregation is a product of  pride and God clearly detests the proud! As future parents, we should live as examples by being humble and respectful to people irrespective of their social background. Sometimes I pity the proud when they get to meet those they consider as NOBODY, having many crowns and mansion in heaven. It does not kill or choke one to be humble. Remember the story of  the rich man and Lazarus in the book of Luke 16: 19-31?

be humble


5. Miracle seekers and motivational talks: Many people go to church these days either for miracles or motivational talks. These miracle seeking or motivational talk caliber of Christians can be described as a weak leave on a tree. The moment the tree is shaken, they fall off and is swept away by the wind.

These caliber of Christians jump from church to church in search of miracles and therefore fall prey to the devils skims. These caliber of Christians get offended when the man of God preaches the undiluted word of God that prompts for a change in their lives. They lack genuine repentance; they want to hold on to God on one hand and hold on to the world on the other hand. They don’t want to totally give up pleasure seeking, fornication or adultery, worldly fashion, gossiping etc.

They prefer to be bench warmers in the house of God. They seek bigger congregation to hide themselves from being guided. They know it all and would hardly stand for correction. They seek comfort or consolation in people that live a similar lifestyle as they do. They say to themselves, “let me sin today, I will ask God to forgive me after sinning” they trample on God’s mercies towards them. They are good hypocrites. They forget that God’s great promises for their lives is as well dependent of them. The word of God is true and pure and should not be bent to console our selfish ways but rather, it should prune us unto righteousness 2Tim 3:16.

I continually ask God for the grace to live life as Christ has shown us. It is terrible that we as children of God become cast away when the trumpet blows…. Much Love, God bless

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About Misggrace

An upcoming drama and movie writer. Concerned about distorted values of the society and i would therefore express these concerns through writings using a christian perspective.
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  1. Luke 12: 49-53, ” Luke 12:49-53 New International Version (NIV)

    Not Peace but Division
    49 “I have come to bring fire on the earth, and how I wish it were already kindled! 50 But I have a baptism to undergo, and what constraint I am under until it is completed! 51 Do you think I came to bring peace on earth? No, I tell you, but division. 52 From now on there will be five in one family divided against each other, three against two and two against three. 53 They will be divided, father against son and son against father, mother against daughter and daughter against mother, mother-in-law against daughter-in-law and daughter-in-law against mother-in-law.”
    There is no difference between a Christian in the time of Christ and today. there is no such thing a modern day Christian.
    If it was up to Christ he would bring down fire and burn up the earth, for that is the meaning of these words. Christ did not come to bring peace onto the earth.
    Yes as we have it today there is division among the Christian church for we can see that may Christian love to just have the fluff and very sweet thing that Christ has taught us human beings today.
    Today many say that we are to give into the sins of the world like same-sex marriage, the lie about transgender, the lies of LGBT, LGBTQ, homosexuality. the lie about the occult group or organization called the Islamic State of Muslims which is not the Church of peace. Read the Quran and you will see.
    God does not even allow the idea of tolerance and diversity, for it is forbidden by God to even be tolerant to sin like the sins of the transgender,LGBT LGBTQ homosexual who are the sexual immoral and the lifestyle of sexual immorality.
    God hates change.

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Aakash Sinha says:

    Really awesome post. You explained the Christianity very well.

    Liked by 2 people

  3. I LOVED, LOVED this post! Thank you! You share so much of my own thoughts, though far more eloquently! It is my greatest desire to live my life as a reflection of Christ– that is some way, people would see Him in me before they see me! This is living life intentionally, purposefully, and knowing there isn’t a moment to waste or a situation less important than another. As Christians, we have a grave responsibility. The world is watching us. Lets give them something to talk about, rather, let’s give them Someone to talk about! Rambling now. You got me fired up!
    One last thought…as I read this post, I thought of the famous quote by Hunter S. Thompson, “Life should not be a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in a pretty and well preserved body, but rather to skid in broadside in a cloud of smoke, thoroughly used up, totally worn out, and loudly proclaiming “Wow! What a Ride!”
    Blessings to you Misgrace!

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  4. Comfort says:

    “To my Future husband, whoever you are, am praying that God gives you the grace to stay pure just like He is giving me the grace to. I love you already” (swoon). Amen. Thank you sister for this blunt truth! Thank you for standing up for the truth and not allowing yourself to be intimidated by what people might say or do to you.

    How do you advise Christian sisters that do not dress modestly without coming off as judgmental?

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  5. botshelo says:

    May God open up our eyes to see the truth and not run away from, so that we can be free.God is not against us when we enjoy life, but He only wants us to have eternal life, and have life in abundance.
    And that is why He says we should not sin because at the end we hurt ourselves and others.
    Great article.

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