Do not let the actions of people bring doubt into your life such that you no longer believe in your self and hence quit doing what God has placed in your hands to do or be who God wants you to be.

If God has place it in your hands, He knows you are capable of doing it or He sees something worthy in you and that’s why He placed it in your hands and you in that position.

There will be discouragements, there will gang ups, there will be belittling of you from others, they will be words spoken behind your back, there will be lots of gossiping to taint your name or image in the sight of other people, there will be mockery, there will be those that come to you and pretend to be your friend, they will laugh with you but go behind your back to say all sort of things. People will test you and push your buttons. People will consider you irrelevant. People will place themselves above you and make you understand that they are better than you and therefore qualified to replace you. When you choose not to blend in, they say you ain’t humble or you are disrespectful. they would come up with all sort of lies

But see it as your training ground, God sees a gold in you worth much more than those people, their words or action. Also the devil equally sees it and therefore will use people or any means to discourage you. Ask David, He will remind you of Saul and his army. LEAVE SUCH PEOPLE TO GOD, HE WILL HANDLE THEM IN HIS SPECIAL WAY. SEE HOW SAUL ENDED? Psalm 34.19 says”Many are the afflictions of the righteous: but the Lord delivereth him out of them all.”

So far you refuse to quit, Know that God has got you back. It is God who placed you not people. Make sure you don’t make Him remove you. Because it ain’t about what people do, its about you trusting God and Holding on to Him.

When you feel like leaving everything and walking away because you just don’t understand anymore, Hold on! THE PUREST OF GOLD COMES OUT OF THE HOTTEST OF FIRE. But you have to be diligent, you have to be persistent, you have to learn to passive and active when need be, do not compromise, don’t try to blend in and be humble. You have let God do His work in your life. HE’S GOT YOUR BACK. Registered & Protected  W5DR-AQB0-SDOS-MJKB


About Misggrace

An upcoming drama and movie writer. Concerned about distorted values of the society and i would therefore express these concerns through writings using a christian perspective.
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  1. I like your approach to this matter. The instant Samuel anointed David as King until he finally sat on the throne was a darned long time. From when Joseph dreamed until he became prime minister was a painful rite of passage. I, will not give up. I am victorious!

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  2. mochasunshine27 says:

    Alright now. Awesome post

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  3. Si Sade` says:

    This is absolutely AMAZING!! Very well written, so inspiring and encouraging. May God continue to use you and allow you be a blessing to those partaking in your work.

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  4. Wow.. This is inspiring… More grace..

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  5. Zaibunnisa says:

    This is so beautiful. Loved it!!

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  6. Miss Grace, love your work, your email please!

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  7. Ugo Egwumba says:

    Just knowing that God’s got my back does the magic for me… I will pass through the times, and I will come out refined and sparkling.

    Egwumba’s Blog

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    • misggrace says:

      Yeah, God has Got your back πŸ˜„. We should not hurry ourselves out of the refining process neither give up. But continuously allow God to do His work in our lives. Forget people and what they may try to do..


  8. Godsglory says:

    I love this πŸ™‚ Well written, well said. I refuse to quit and I refuse to let people stop me!!


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